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Split Block Flower Wall System

Split Block Flower Wall System

Split Block Flower Wall System

ACP has always had many “firsts” to its credit and another addition is one of the most beautiful split-face, natural finished flower wall system. This effectively combines construction with nature, greenery and aesthetics. The entire wall is a combination of two elements joined side by side and the wall system can anywhere be between 2 m to 3 m in height with each alternative element aligned to each other. The walls can go to any height by creating multi-level benches. This apart, the beautiful split flower elements are also capable of taking turns and twists along the profile of the terrain.


Benefits of split-face flower wall system:

  • Very handy for hiding unsightly and unattractive landscapes
  • Have wonderful natural exteriors – both inside and outside
  • Alternating concrete surface and flower finish gives beautiful facade within various parks,landscapes, luxury villas, etc
  • Combines greenery and look, breaks monotony
  • Available in enchanting and bright colours
  • Significant savings on costs
  • No requirement of plaster
  • Low maintenance required such as occasional scrubbing

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Product Name: Split Block Flower Wall System