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Decorative Kerbstone Range

Decorative Kerbstone Range

Kerbstones and Paving Slabs, through the history of Assarain Concrete Products & Trading LLC (ACP), have been widely accepted by the Consultants, Contracting Companies and Government Organizations for all prestigious infrastructure projects. ACP utilizes the latest state of the art, technologically advanced large hydraulic press plants (specified too) to produce dense, durable, well finished high quality Kerbstones and Paving Slabs. The range consists of Paving Slabs in different sizes and thickness, Kerbstones in various sizes, thickness and lengths including special decorative Kerbstones in various colors. The Kerbstones are available in smooth finish as well as pimpled finish and the company is also known for its "just in time" stock availability. Kerbstones produced by ACP are known for providing strong protection and some Kerbs also work as crash guards for all roads and infrastructure projects. To provide multiple options to the Consultants, Contracting Companies and Government organizations as per road specifications, following tailor-made range is available in Kerbstones and Paving Slabs.

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Product Name: Decorative Kerbstone Range