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Innovative solutions : Increases service life of structures

Oman Daily Observer : 12 May 2016 : BUSINESS REPORTER MUSCAT

Innovative material solutions can increase the service life of structures in the aggressive climatic conditions of Oman. This was the highlight of a special symposium on ‘the advances in concrete technology in the context of Oman’s construction practices’, which was presided over by Hilal bin Mohammed al Busaidi, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Authority For Mining, Oman.

Effective methods of soil stabilization by using sub nano-molecule formulations and the problems that the soil compositions of Duqm, Al Batinah and other coastal areas across Oman and how they can be addressed were also discussed.

The symposium, the first of its kind held in Oman, was hosted by Assarain Concrete Products & Trading LLC (ACP), a leading producer of concrete products. During the event, Ibrahim Said Al Wahaibi, Managing Director of Assarain, said, “Oman was witnessing continuous, all-inclusive growth under His Majesty’s wise and able leadership and Assarain realizes its role and the importance of bringing academia and the industry together.

Khalid Said Al Wahaibi, Managing Director of Assarain, said, “With the diversification of economies in the region and the growth in the infrastructure industry, it is vital to stay updated on the latest technologies. As leaders in concrete products, Assarain has gathered leading experts to share their knowledge and discuss issues that are specific to conditions in Oman.” Speaking on the occasion, A R Varma, General Manager, ACP, said “Assarain Concrete Products & Trading LLC’s management was quite clear of the Group’s mission to continue to contribute by way of delivering quality, developing diverse products that are especially useful to Oman’s construction fraternity”.

A number of leading international experts were invited to speak at the symposium including Dr David A Lange, Professor of Civil Engineering & Vice President at the American Concrete Institute, who spoke on materials science of corrosion control and durability of reinforced concrete structures.

Dr. Surendra P Shah, a Walter P Murphy Professor of Civil Engineering. (Emeritus) and Founding Director, Centre of Advanced Cement Based Materials in the USA, who spoke on how scientific research has led to the significant improvements in concrete for example super high strength concrete compressive strengths, which are now about 10 times that of conventional concrete.

Dr S K Manjrekar, Chairman and Managing Director of Sunanda Specialty Coatings Pvt. Ltd and Principal Convener and Past President, American Concrete Institute-India Chapter spoke on corrosion control techniques and how new materials can be introduced to increase the service life to more than 50 years.


  • 2016-05-12

Symposium on advances in concrete technology held

Monday 09th, May 2016 / 19:33 Written by Oman Observer In Business

Bringing together world authorities on the subject, Assarain Concrete Products and Trading LLC hosted a half-day symposium at the Grand Hyatt yesterday. A first of its kind in Oman, the symposium, with reference to middle eastern conditions, touched upon increasingly important subjects such as the past, present and future advances made in concrete technology; their impact on the lifecycle of structures, material science approach to corrosion control; durability of RCC structures with special emphasis on Middle East construction scenario; innovative material solutions for increasing the service life of structures in aggressive climatic conditions of Oman; nanotechnology used for the stabilization of soils with reference to soils of Duqm, Al Batinah and other coastal areas of Oman.

“With the diversification of economies in the region and the tremendous growth in the infrastructure industry, it is vital to stay updated on the latest technologies and trends that will optimize longevity and stability of infrastructural assets”, Khalid Said Salem al Wahaibi, Managing Director of Assarain Concrete Products LLC said. “We have been able to gather together subject matter experts to share knowledge and discuss issues that are specific to conditions in Oman.” Dr David A Lange, Vice President — American Concrete Institute; Dr. Surendra P Shah, a Walter P Murphy Professor ofCivil Engg. (Emeritus) & Founding Director — Centre of Advanced Cement Based Materials, Illinois, USA; Dr. S. K. Manjrekar, Principal Convener & Past President, American Concrete Institute, India Chapter; and Saurabh Manjrekar, Director, Sunanda Specialty Coatings Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai presented their views and understandings in concrete technology.

  • 2016-05-09

Award for Assarain Concrete Products

Oman Daily Observer : 22 September 2014

ASSARAIN Concrete Prod­ucts & Trading LLC (also known as ACP), Muscat has been declared the - Best manufacturer of Construction materials — Concrete Products" in Oman at a ceremony at InterContinental Hotel on September 17. The award was received on behalf of ACP by Khalid Said al Wahaibi, Managing Di­rector of Said Salem al Wahaibi (SSW) Group of Companies (formerly As­sarain Group of Compa­nies) from the Chief Guest, Salim bin Mohammed al Nuaimi, Under Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communication (MoTC).

Over 250 guests attended this mega event that included many dignitaries and representatives from the government, consulting and business community. ACP, a flagship company of the group, is known for its brand and quality all over Oman. The company was declared the "Best Manufacturer of Construction Materials — Concrete Products" Awards on the basis of its modern infrastructure and quality concrete products.

Assarain Concrete Products & Trading LLC (ACP) is understood to have won this award by virtue of the company being the industry leader having state of the art German plants and adopting the best manufacturing practices, lean manufacturing principles as well as having the distinction of being the only concrete products manufacturing company having an internationally recognised Integrated Quality Management System certification on all three aspects viz ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

  • 2014-09-22

One of the largest ‘concrete products’ manufacturing companies in Oman, Assarain Concrete Products & Trading LLC (ACP), has established itself as the preferred supplier of all industry leaders, government organisations, contracting companies and retail customers. Alok Varma, General Manager, answers a few questions about the company’s success journey and the way forward...

DOSSIER  Apr-Jun 2013 : Interview

ACP, for the past few decades, has been consistently delivering quality products and services. To what do you attribute this stupendous growth shown by the company?

The growth story of Assarain Concrete Products & Trading LLC (popularly known as ACP in the industry fraternity) rests mainly on its people, team work and the fire within. As our key focus areas, we have always looked at business expansion, continuous improvement and continuous aligning of people, processes and technology to ensure this growth. Over the last decade, we have also been able to create a much higher pull on ACP’s product movement through brand development, close customer networking and forming partnerships with many key decision makers.

My team and I have always tried to move forward, continued to relook at ourselves critically and then think “what next?” This has helped us gain year on year good growth, raise the bar of excellence within the company and overall, create a committed and electrified team.


Kindly describe in detail, the role of the higher management of the Group towards this growth process and success.

Well, the unstinted support and guidance from our higher management has been the main backbone to our growth story. In fact, nothing much would have been possible without the dynamism and supportive attitude of our Managing Director, Mr. Khalid Said Al Wahaibi. The Executive Committee members comprising mainly of our MD Mr Khalid, Group Finance Director, Mr SP Nanda and our Group General Manager, Mr DM Gulwadi have always listened to our ever increasing demands with patience and have given full support through quick decision-making. The exceptional three-dimensional vision of our Managing Director and the top management has given adequate focus on our business, never cutting corners on technology and capacity building. The signature hallmark of our top management, in my opinion, has been also ‘quick decisions’ and ‘approvals’ through our respected Chairman, Lt. Col. Said Salem Al Wahaibi and the young and dynamic Managing Director Mr. Khalid Said Al Wahaibi.

I think they have been clearly focussed on their final objective of adding value to the country’s infrastructure development with Assarain Concrete’s quality products.


In which direction will we see ACP headed in the next couple of years?

I, as the General Manager of the company, can foresee ACP heading only “North” in the next couple of years. This is because I have always tried to create razor sharp competitive advantages to distinguish us in an over- crowed market. We have therefore consistently expanded to meet the growing demand of our products and all our manufacturing plants are technologically very advanced, manufacturing high quality products with enhanced productivity.

Intrinsic to this growth are our people and we have been able to build an enviably strong team which is continuously focused on the deliverables in their respective areas of responsibility under my close monitoring, participative guidance and responsibility.


From a product development and customer support perspective, what does the future of ACP hold?

Over the last 13 years, I have tried to enrich the bouquet of product offering to our customers which has been only possible by continuous product development, inclusion of new products and addition of special designs, special products and smart construction solutions.

From the customer support perspective, we are aligned to provide the latest products and give our valued customers a ‘single roof access’ to their requirements for external landscaping and construction solutions. Our product portfolio is indeed very strong comprising most diverse and colourful external paving solutions, roof slabs, building blocks, kerbstones, etc. Added to this are light-weight blocks, cable protection tiles, special shotblasted coloured pavers, shotblasted coloured kerbstones, paving slabs and luxury segment patterned tiles. We also offer street furniture comprising Planters, Bollards, Benches, Wheel Stoppers, Fences, Led-lit Stones, Rubber Tiles, Playground Equipment, etc.

Hence, on an overall basis, our product offerings in years to come are going to get better and stronger and our customers are already becoming aware as to “where to find these”. With such a robust product portfolio, ACP has established itself as a natural choice for many Consultants and Contracting Companies and thus contributes towards building their projects with ACP’s quality products and multiple solutions that it offers.


What is the fastest growing component of your business?

Whether I look back or look ahead, it is clear that ACP has evolved as the leader in paving and the kerbing industry. Our fastest growing component is the ever increasing requirement of our high quality pavers from the construction industry. However, in the same breath, I cannot also deny that all our other products are also very fast moving and in fact, this is the exact reason we look at capacity enhancement, year on year. The quality finishes, wide spectrum of designs and the choices available to the big-ticket clients and even families for their requirements, ACP is the preferred choice and we have enough to thank our customers who bestow their faith in ACP. I can only reassure that our focus in giving back to society by way of our quality products, enhanced customer service and improved CRM measures is the best gesture that ACP can make towards its customers.


What is the biggest challenge for ACP right now? How are you addressing it?

Generally, across the industry and even with us, the biggest challenge faced is towards lowering manpower costs by attracting qualified manpower with higher productivity. In the current competitive, free labour market, it is indeed a challenge to retain good people, get the best productivity and also retain our quality national manpower. On the office side, we have good quality and capable national manpower which is continuously helping us in achieving our targets and we are simultaneously focusing towards addressing our ever-increasing requirements further. With new innovative retaining strategies, we are trying to address this challenge.


ACP’s profile has increased manifold in the recent years in the construction industry. What is your main thrust area and what are your management principles?

My role and accountability has been towards ensuring the overall financial performance, strategic management, day-to-day management, business development, relationship management, commercial decisions and also managing people and their performances. Apart from all this, my focus has always been to create productive teams with good inter-departmental weave which is critical to any organization seeking excellence. This has been possible through participative management and teamwork. I have always believed in leading from front and leading by example. In my opinion, people who lead should be knowledgeable, diligent, sharp, analytical and decisive. This gives an edge to create a strong and sustainable partnership, both outside and within the organization.

All this is, of course, towards making ACP a customer-centric company with all efforts guided towards making the company unique and distinctive for Oman’s construction industry and diverse valued customers, the prime users of concrete products.

  • 2013-11-01

Quality Par Excellence - MCP

DOSSIER  Apr-Jun 2013

Modern Concrete Products LLC (MCP), one of the leading concrete products manufacturing entities in Oman, was established with the aim to extend value for money to its customers mainly in Sohar and the Al Batinah region......

Modern Concrete Products LLC, (popularly called MCP in industry circles) with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, is one of the largest concrete product manufacturing companies catering primarily to many projects in the Al Batinah region. MCP, located in Sohar, is also a member of Said Salem Al Wahaibi Group of Companies (formerly Assarain Group of Companies). The company was established with the aim to extend value for money to its customers mainly in Sohar and the Al Batinah region by offering a new range of products in interlocking tiles and building blocks. The product lines of MCP range consist of most versatile combinations of designs and colours in Interlocking Tiles, Cable Tiles, High Density polystyrene Insulation Blocks, and high quality basic building blocks such as Hollow, Bottom Close, and Half Blocks, in various sizes. These products are available in SRC cement also. 

The Assarain Group introduced this plant as it noticed that the Al Batinah region, under His Majesty’s valuable guidance and foresight was growing at a very fast pace. This was tied with the extra efforts of all local authorities too. Today, in fact, entire Oman is proud of Sohar and its remarkable industrial growth. Assarain Group saw this opportunity and hence, wanted to establish one plant at least that was technologically most advanced, state-of-the-art and could produce concrete products of high quality used widely as main construction products. This was essentially tobring quality to the Al Batinah region through this mega-plant. 

The most distinctive feature of MCP is that it successfully produces products with improved corner finishes, made from its latest, fully automated, high capacity German Plant. This results in uniform and closely laid pavements and floors. The shaped interlock tiles of MCP which are made on “high cost steel pallets” as compared to the wooden pallets have better surface finish, are dense and durable. Additionally, due to better production knowledge base and experience, MCP products have higher Compressive and Flexural strengths which again are key to better performing pavements. The MCP supplied pavements have been proven to endure higher static loads and have also proven in areas demanding high strength, durability and chemical resistance, such as ports and industrial warehouses. MCP’s technical expertise in running the plant, its tactical operation, the deft handling of plant controls, result in products with right kind of mix design, correct and precise vibration and pressing, thereby surpassing Consultant’s specified quality levels. 

However, having a Plant does not necessarily mean having a “good product” in place. Unlike some of the unorganised sector producers, MCP ensures quality as it invests in its people and hires the best talent for harvesting quality. Accordingly, MCP has qualified cement technologists, people who have strong ‘concrete’ background and this team ensures to have detailed and intricate quality assurance and quality check systems in place. Many of the consultants recommend MCP products just for the reason of the ‘promised and delivered’ quality for ensuring durable and safe pavements to the country.

MCP’s wide range of products are used mostly in (i) Expressways and Roads (ii) Airports & Ports (iii) Integrated Tourism Complexes and Hotels (iv) Bridges & Walkways (v) Parks & Landscaping projects (vi) Villas & major buildings / complexes (vii) Walkways (viii) Parking Bays (ix) Beach developments / corniches (x) Patios & Promenades (xi) Swimming Pool Decks, etc. MCP’s products adorn many prestigious projects such as – Sohar Port Interchange; Sohar Global Interchange Muscat Airport; Sohar Airport; Salalah Airport; Crown Plaza, Sohar; Sohar Maritime College; Sohar Court; Rustaq Court; Asian Beach Games complex; 28-villa apartments at Liwa; Al Tareef complex, Sohar; Lulu, Khasab; MOD Pension Fund’s Residential & Commercial Building, Sohar; and many such prestigious projects. MCP by now occupies about 60 per cent market share in the Al Batinah and surrounding regions, in the projects segment. As regards other segments, MCP, in line with the Group’s philosophy, caters to one and all and thus we cater to all Government organizations, Contracting Companies, Private investors with a significant amount of concrete products going even to the cash customers. This is to increase the usage of our quality products all across and contribute towards raising the living standards through quality construction.

The overall winning streak of the company rests on the teamwork and the spirit of “working together” and that is why MCP is regarded as one of the leading concrete products manufacturing entities of Oman and it will continue to be so in the coming years.

  • 2013-04-01


OER DOSSIER November 2010 : Modern Concrete Products LLC (MCP) is one of the largest producers of concrete products in the Sultanate of Oman and is one of the flagship companies of the reputed Assarain Group of Companies.

Technologically advanced, this state-of-the-art mega plant at Sohar, which sprawls across 75,000 square metre area, manufactures high quality concrete products like building blocks, interlocking tiles, etc and caters to the entire Al Batinah region.

Technologically advanced, this state-of-the-art mega plant at Sohar, which sprawls across 75,000 square metre area, manufactures high quality concrete products like building blocks, interlocking tiles, etc and caters to the entire Al Batinah region.

Product portfolio

Modern Concrete Products LLC offers tailor made options within its wide product range comprising interlocking and super-specialty tiles for light walkways to heavy traffic areas. Truly speaking, the product lines of MCP range from the most versatile combinations of designs and colours in interlocking tiles and pavers and high quality building blocks such as Hollow, Bottom Close, Hourdi and Half Blocks, in various sizes. This apart, MCP also has other products like aesthetic Pavement tiles, Roof Slabs, luxury segment tiles, etc. The production capacity of the company is approximately 6 million blocks and 1.2 million sqm of interlocking tiles per annum produced from the single mega plant.

Assarain Thermo Blocks

Modern Concrete Products is now manufacturing technologically innovative green concrete products which are energy conserving; one of them being the polystyrene sandwich building blocks named the Assarain Thermo Blocks. The high insulation standards of these blocks also provide greater comfort to the occupants as well as increase the overall intrinsic value of the buildings in the market.

Core Strengths

MCP caters to all Government organizations, contracting companies, private investors and individuals. The company works very closely with consultants and designers and has come up with effective application alternatives along with pre and post sales services. Goodwill of customers, quality products with good surface finish and aesthetic look, accuracy and minimum wastage are some of its core strengths. The highlights of MCP in its first 2 years of commercial operations itself are many and in this short time itself, it has catered to more than 50 major projects. This year itself, it has the sole distinction of doing the maximum number of projects in the Al Batinah region, some of which are Sohar Port Interchange Project, Lulu Khasab, Lulu Buraimi, 28 Villa project of Liwa, Filling Stations in Al Batinah region, International Maritime College, Sohar Court, Rustaq Court, Vale Project, MOD Pension Fund Project, etc. MCP has been able to gain the confidence of local people across Al Batinah as a company that excels in giving customers the value for money and quality products. MCP is contemplating on taking initiatives in diversifying product lines and the future holds good promise for the company and thereby for the region catered to. This large manufacturing hub at Sohar by now is catering to the entire Al Batinah region comprising major consumption centres like Buraimi, Sohar, Liwa, Shinas, Al Aqr, Saham, Rustaq, Wudam, Barka, Khasab, Musandam and the Dubai Border, etc.

  • 2010-11-01

Mega state-of-the-art play equipment installed in in Qurm, Al Sahwa parks

Times of Oman : Muscat 

The little resi­dents of Oman have a reason to rejoice. As part of Muscat Municipality's initiative to improve play facilities for children in Oman, Assarain Concrete Products (ACP) recently commissioned mega state-of-the-art, high quality HAGS play equipment in Qurum Natural Park and Al Sahwa Park.

HAGS Play solutions have also been ordered for many locations in Oman, including Sohar by the Sohar Development Office. Assarain Concrete Products, distributors of the excellent play equipment of HAGS (Sweden) have always been known to introduce innova­tive products and the latest solutions in the Sultanate.

HAGS play equipments are manufactured as per inter­national standards by Sweden based HAGS, the world's largest play equip­ment manufacturing compa­ny. The company is known for its quality, service and variety of products.

Assarain Concrete Products lets built up a reputa­tion of professionalism, quali­ty and value-for-money prod­ucts in Oman. Given the syn­ergy between the two compa­nies, a strategic tie-up between them was but natural. ACP has supplied and erected HAGS play equip­ment all across Oman at schools, parks and communi­ty centres. The play equip­ment erected by ACP at Qurum Natural Park and Al Sahwa Park has multiple play functions designed to standards and sizes as prescribed for children of different ages.

HAGS play equipment are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, safety and finish and sold all over the world. They arc durable with superior technical speci­fications and extremely safe for children, tested and approved in accordance with the European Safety sum­dards EN 117611177 (applicable to play equipment) with many enhancements made by HAGS to surpass the EN stan­dards. The equipment has high quality surface treat­ment, with all nuts and bolts covered. All hot galvanised chains are covered with solid polyurethane sheath.

"If one notices. Oman does not have many mega play stations installed at parks, beaches, corniches or any such community centres. Assarain, as a prime partner to Muscat Municipality efforts, saw this as an opportunity and brought in world class play quIpment in Oman to initiate more outdoor activity among children," says A R Varna, General Manager of ACP.

"Outdoor life stimulates, propels a child to learn, be healthy, socialise and develop good motor skills. This apart he or she, as a child, is exposed to playing with other children, share, try to do all the hurdles, climb, jump, slide and also simultaneously have social exposure while playing in natural outdoor environs. It also gives parents an opportu­nity to learn that nature still stimulates. It is better to be out of the house and interact with others- rather than sit glued to TV sets."

Khalid Said Al Wahaibi, managing director of the Assarain Group, seemed happy with ACP's achieve­ments saying. "More than anything, it gave me great sense of satisfaction when I saw children of all nationali­ties playing at our multi-sta­tion mega play station while their parents sat nearby and chatted without the usual worry about the safety of their children. I have to laud Muscat Municipality in their initiatives and great steps towards social develop­ment. Their awareness towards children's need to play as well as their various solutions towards it is indeed commendable.

The HAGS play equip­ment installed by Assarain, are in attractive bright colours with special and durable high pressure laminates that are weather resistant, heat resist­ant, boil proof and meet international standards. The high pressure laminate is one of the toughest outdoor laminates in the market, is moisture resist­ant, does not become brittle or crumble, is impact resistant and graffiti can easily be cleaned off. The mega play station comes with innovative challenges and is developed towards stimulating the men­tal and physical development of children.

ACP Is looking forward to installing many more such equipment at parks and resi­dential complexes across Oman.

  • 2008-05-22

Assarain backs beautification of Al Sahwa, Qurum gardens

Oman Daily Observer : 23 January 2008 : Muscat 

Al Sahwa Garden. a splendid public facility opened recently by muscat Municipality, owes some of its striking aesthetic appeal to the high quality products and prompt delivery schedules of Assarain Concrete Products LLC (ACP).

The company supplied many types of concrete prod­ucts towards the development of the facility, including an exclusively designed pattern for the paving of the walk­ways, sit-outs, landings, and so on. Beautiful planter walls were supplied as well.

Also from its bouquet of new products, ACP will sup­ply novel high quality gym equipment, which will be installed in the park.

These exercise machines can be used by the elderly to work out daily during their morning or evening walks. A mega piece of multi-station play equipment will also be provided shortly for installa­tion in the Al Sahwa Garden and Qurum Natural Park (QNP) respectively. This equipment will enable chil­dren to develop their muscu­lar, motor and cognitive skills.

Despite its ongoing supply ommitments, Assarain was called up to support Muscat Municipality and Carrillion Alawi, the main contractor for the Qurum Natural Park redevelopment project, in preparing the facility in time for the start of the 2008 Muscat Festival. ACP's role was to supply huge quantities of paving tiles to pave the entire park, which was severely affected during last June's adverse weather condi­tions. Large quantities of con­crete products were also required for this job.

"ACP has been traditional­ly called upon to come for­ward and handle difficult tasks, and we rose to the chal­lenge.
The ACP team worked day and night, using elaborate production and supply plan­ning strategies to finally fulfil the QNP requirement," ACP's General Manager A R Varma said.

The company is working at full stretch to meet its com­mitments despite ongoing material shortages linked to the huge infrastructure, con­struction, tourism and hous­ing projects under way around the Sultanate.

From the mega builder to a small house owner, we are working 24x7 to serve our clients. Assarain Concrete Products, one of the biggest in the industry, is also fast expanding its total capacity with simultaneous multi-mil­lion riyal investments in Muscat, Sohar, and so on, to be able to contribute to the maximum to a surging Oman."

In all, ACP supplied around '77,000 square metres of paving tiles, 31,000 run­ning metres of kerbstones, and 1,500 square metres of planter walls for the Al Sahwa Garden and Qurum Natural Park projects in very chal­lenging time frames.

Khalid Said at Wahaibi, Managing Director, Assarain Group of Companies, said ACP will remain committed to the construction industry. Well known for its product range, the company will con­tinue to provide innovative designs and quality work­manship.

"ACP, a leader in the paving industry has always had many firsts to its credit and we as a group are again investing enormously in the company to make it one of the largest concrete products manufacturing companies in Oman."

  • 2008-01-23