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Quality Standards

Quality Standards

AMCP’s one of the best strengths is that ours is a company in Oman’s manufacturing industry of construction products which has the accomplishment of having a certification from BVQI for ISO 9001:2008. The reason of AMCP taking a Quality certification is to ensure that the product and service quality continues to meet the highest standards demanded by the organization and expected by its customers; and to ensure that ACP’s products, processes, and services are carried out on the path of continual improvement.

We are an ISO certified company and as a part of the Company policy, we are constantly engaged in safety and constant training and developing our workforce with special attention to further training and developing our Omani personnel in their functional areas.

As with any industry leader, AMCP upholds operational standards in maintaining a strict adherence to product quality standards. Among all concrete products providers within the Sultanate, AMCP prides itself in providing good quality products as well as it strives to remain a world-class supplier through exceptional attention to detail.




Why AMCP is different from Competitors

  • Bench-marking the industry on product quality and range 
  • Comply with latest BS EN and GSO EN standards 
  • State of art in house Laboratory facility to conduct all types of product testing & evaluation methods mentioned as per latest BS EN/ GSO EN standards for concrete paving tiles and masonry blocks
  • Strict and rigorous in-house testing of raw materials and finished products
  • Dedicated team of engineers, supervisors and technicians to ensure the product is manufactured and delivered as per spec
  • Steel pallets for production of Interlocking pavers – some Competitors use cheaper options like Wood or Plastic pallets 
  • Steel pallets transmit 100% vibrational forces directly back to the concrete product 
  • Automated fully closed Curing chambers with temperature and humidity sensors
  • High dimensional accuracy and highly dense products resulting in durability