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Split-Face Coloured House Facades

Split-Face Coloured House Facades

Split-face finished concrete blocks are a special class of decorative or architectural block that has a rough, stone-like texture created by splitting and processing the block, after production, in a highly specialized German Split-line plant. This look is reminiscent of rock-faced masonry giving beautiful exterior finish. Like other concrete blocks, Split-face finished blocks don’t require any further application of decorative finishes on the exterior surface such as plaster and paint or cladding stones. ACP manufactured Split-face concrete blocks are offered in various sizes, types, colours and units that are subsequently split and processed at ACP. The machines are equipped to machine split the cured hollow concrete blocks (lengthwise or across) to achieve the rough, quarried stone surface texture of a split-face block.

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Product Name: Split-Face Coloured House Facades