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Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals

As part of our responsibility towards the construction, both our companies, also our main, most advanced manufacturing hubs, viz Assarain Concrete Products & Trading LLC (ACP), Muscat and Modern Concrete Products LLC (MCP), Sohar (members of Said Salem Al Wahaibi (SSW) Group of Companies, erstwhile Assarain Group of Companies) have had many new innovative additions year after year. 

We are the exclusive partners for SUNANDA SPECIALITY COATINGS PVT.LTD., INDIA the manufacturer’s of Construction Chemicals since 1979 for the supply of following products:



The Company is a well established company, and the only construction chemical company in India to have ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for Research & Development. We always keep ready stock of chemicals to fulfill your requirement of consistent quality supply.


POLYALK CP 293+ is a bipolar, non–nitrite, migrating corrosion inhibiting admixture that protects rebars from corrosion induced by chloride ions as well as due to carbonation of concrete. It forms a unimolecular, protective layer on the surface of steel thereby inhibiting corrosion. POLYALK CP 293+ is also recommended as an admixture in cementitious grouts including those used for the protection of PT tendons against corrosion.



  • Steel reinforced concrete in marine zones
  • Piers, piles, and concrete dock structures
  • RCC structures exposed to corrosiveenvironments
  • Bridges, highways, chlorinating plants,sewerage systems
  • Adds corrosion inhibition properties tocementitious grouts
  • Recommended for protection of PT tendons



  • Simultaneous cathodic and anodic protection of steel
  • High penetrating power resulting in total protection of rebars or PT tendons
  • No adverse effect on properties of hardened concrete or grout
  • Effective even in presence of high amount of chlorides
  • Eco-friendly, nitrite and chromate free
  • High alkalinity offers additional protection to steel


SUNPOLYKOTE 293 is a protective coating based on a hydrophobic polyester resin specially formulated to protect concrete from corrosion in aggressive environments.



  • Moisten the surface with water 24 hours prior to the application of SUNPOLYKOTE 293
  • Open the container and stir the contents well
  • Apply SUNPOLYKOTE 293 by brush, roller or squeegee at a rate of @ 2.5 M 2 / Ltr. / Coat
  • Two coats recommended
  • Allow it to cure for 6-7 hours
  • For successive coat applications, ensure that they are applied at right angles to preceding coat
  • Apply multiple coats, if additional thickness is required
  • For any technical guidance contact our Concrete Materials Consultancy Division



  • Has excellent adhesion, flexibility and abrasion resistance
  • Resists chlorides, sulphates, sewage & many chemicals, oils etc.
  • Saves time as it can be applied on wet/damp/green concrete surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly; solvent, asbestos & pitch free
  • Stable to UV rays, hence, does not become weak or pale
  • Can be used for curing walls, basements footings, floors etc.
  • Odourless, no toxic solvents are released as the coating cures

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