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Led Lit Pavers

Led Lit Pavers

Led Lit Pavers – Light up your Pavements

ACP has partnered with Glass Refining Finland Ltd. (GRFL), Finland, the manufacurer’s of LED Lit Pavers and some other LED lit products. The company is a well established company and the products are made by unique recycling system from used sheet glass (used mainly in windows and doors). The LED stone pavers are green & energy efficient products and can be connected for long streches.


Benefits of LED Lit Pavers

  • LED lighting embedded within pavers
  • Any form and shape can be done to suit ACP / MCP paver designs
  • Lighted with long life & durable LEDs
  • Made of crushed glass and binders (e.g. epoxy)
  • Manufactures as per International Protection IPX8 (waterproof) standards
  • Uses 12V DC – Very low electricity consumption

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Product Name: Led Lit Pavers