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Tensar Wall Retaining Systems

Tensar Wall Retaining Systems

Tensar Wall System comprises of the soil mass reinforced with Tensar RE geogrids and foundation, complete with facing units (Tensar Blocks) supplied by ACP in various colours. These Tensar Blocks have been carefully crafted into elliptical or split faces, which give beauty, less colour variation and provide minimum wastage. The facing options are at the disposal of the contracting companies to meet the aesthetic and economic needs of the project in terms of choice of colours and geometrical distribution as per design requirements.


Benefits of tensar wall system:

  • Rapid and economical construction
  • Provide effective locking of geogrids and overall stability over the yearsBetter surface finish
  • Attractive range of colours
  • Freedom to make collage of designs
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Often no special construction skills necessary
  • ufactured in tailor made strengths or generally between 20-30 N/cm2 compressive strength
  • Is low cost alternative to provide slope stabilization

Catalogues of tensar wall system:

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Product Name: Tensar Wall Retaining Systems