About Us



First and foremost, one of the most distinctive strengths is that ours is the only company in Oman’s manufacturing industry of construction products which has the accomplishment of having an Integrated Management System (IMS -Certified with all three ISO certifications:ISO 9001:2015;14001:2015;OHSAS 18001:2007. The purpose of ACP taking a full fledged integrated Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification is to ensure that the product and service quality continues to meet the highest standards demanded by the organization and expected by its customers; and to ensure that ACP’s products, processes, and services are carried out in an environmentally responsible, protective and safe manner.

We are an ISO certified company and as a part of QHSE policy, we are constantly engaged in training and developing our workforce with special attention to further training and developing our Omani personnel in their functional areas. As a part of mandatory exercise, we have an annual training calendar implemented each year. Due to constant training and on the job coaching, many of our Omani key personnel have moved up the ladder and are occupying key positions in Sales & Marketing, HSE, P&A, Accounts, Customer Care Division, Showroom/Cash Sales Management, etc. These are some specifics in terms of development of Omani personnel.

Our QHSE certification has helped us gain immediate business from most similar and responsible companies on major projects who specify only vendors with QHSE certification (all three). To be specific, these are  large and responsible companies like Carillion Alawi, CCC, CCC-TAV, Galfar, Al Adrak, STS, PDO etc. and many Consultants like Parsons, Atkins, Renardet, KEO, Hill International, Cowi, Halcrow,  Cowi Larsen, CES, Khatib Alami, Gulf Engineering, Ibn Khaldoun, WATG, SEMAC,  who are quite demanding on quality, have approved our company. Having IMS certification has helped us accomplish  to have managerially and technically superior personnel, business ethics and focus on quality.