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ACP has strong HR policies in place and has a budgeted complement of 203 employees with 29 Omani employees. The company has good working practices and takes its Omani employees as one of its main concentration areas. ACP has been constantly upgrading skills of all its employees and has the following practices very closely followed, at all levels:

  • On-the-job training
  • Regular appraisals
  • Detailed job description of Managers and workers
  • Multi-tasking for overall development
  • Training Needs Analysis

Over and above this, ACP management understands that to be competitive in all facets of its business operations, it is imperative that all the employees of the Company must strive towards enhancing their operational performance and develop their potential to add value significantly. 

The management and operational staff of ACP (whether Omani or Expatriate) are guided by the objective of “Making things happen” and are rightly motivated by the management so that they can perform his/ her role successfully and imbibe, sustain and improve upon  a series of critical factors without which the management or the operational process remains incomplete. The overall winning streak of the company rests on the teamwork and the spirit of “working together” for achieving the common super ordinate cause of “doing good” to the company in terms of time, money or manpower.   

ACP has always been aware of its role and responsibility as a business entity towards Oman and its people and has always been willing and inclined towards including the Omani workforce and senior personnel in the overall value-chain of ACP. 

From a time, which is years back, ACP had some 2 Omani workmen in the Company but with its ever-growing inclination and impetus, ACP has now grown into having 29 competent Omani personnel out of a total 203. Over and above this, the Group or the Company, never believed in quantity, and on the contrary, believed in having the right complement of Omani workmen with the right quality and high standards. This is how ACP has now has 41 quality Omani personnel who are dedicated to the company and are contributing towards overall operational and managerial success of the ACP. 

Also, ACP has always focussed on right appraisal of employees, has selected and retained the diligent and dedicated Omani employees and has always played a role of a facilitator for the overall development of individual skills and competencies of each of its Omani managerial, technical or operational employees.  

As part of the HR practices, ACP spent considerable time and money in hiring Oman Resources and Development Consultants (ORDC) LLC and National Training Institute (NTI) for benchmarking the performance levels of our Omani employees. The Consultants spent considerable time over conducting Tests of Intelligence, Aptitude Tests etc. for our Omani Employees and also helped in assessing the requirement in terms of training and capability development of an average Omani employee. The workforce is employed in its factories, offices and on the marketing side.  

ACP has also carried out simultaneous training needs analysis and has hired the services of National Institute of Computer Education and Business Training (NICE), NTI or Ideas Management for carrying out structured training of the skilled and unskilled Omani employees of ACP, from time to time. Thus, special emphasis is always laid on training the Omani or Expatriate Employees for constant upgradation of their skills and honing of functional areas.  

With due growth plans of the Company, ACP has simultaneous plans of Omanisation and inclusion of more high quality Omani people in its work force, all towards achieving the overall objective that is best for ACP and also for the Sultanate that is so dear to each ACP employee. Looking at this, Omani shop floor workmen also get higher remuneration than their peers for increasing retention and interest, The fact that each ACP employee sees tangible fruits of its effort in having a beautiful Oman, indeed complements this, whether through the roads that are beautified by ACP or one of the hyper-markets such as, say Markaz-Al Bahja at the Fort round-about. The love for the country is always there.